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Free E-Books about God's Grace

God’s grace is meant to touch the heart and transform the very expression of life itself, but too many Christians follow a Galatian 'gospel' that can never deliver freedom and joy. Read this book to discover the full impact of the true gospel of God's grace and how to live in its enduring power and victory.

The revelation of God’s grace in Christ Jesus is the theme that runs throughout the whole Bible, often hidden as a mystery in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New. Both Testaments are about the Messiah and God’s wonderful plan of redemption for His people. Read this book to see how God's grace unfolded throughout history in the past, and how Jesus is the fulfillment of what was promised and prophecied so long ago. 

The New Creation includes the gospel presentation which can be used in Christian evangelism and discipleship. The butterfly is a wonderful analogy of the Christian who, although beginning life as a condemned sinner who was dead in spirit and at enmity with God, subsequently becomes a new creation, with a new heart and mind that is alive and perfect with the divine nature of Christ Himself. This is essential reading for anyone interested in reaching the world with the true gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ.

MESSIAH  is a simplified narrative account of the life of Jesus in language that is inspiring to people of all ages. It is not a paraphrase of the gospels but rather a vivid, summarized composite of the events recounted by the gospel writers. The main incidents are all included with brief commentary where applicable. The author has tried to write the Lord’s story in such a way that readers will be captivated by its truth and gain a deeper appreciation and a more intimate experience of His love and grace. 

The Grace Gospel is the most important doctrine in the Bible because it's where everything begins for the believer in Christ - it's the basic foundation for all other scriptural truth.Too often the gospel taught in many churches today is a hybrid mixture of grace and law. The apostle Paul warned that those who rely on the works of the Law are under a curse, arguing that Christians are called to freedom and life in the Spirit (Galatians 3). This booklet is a brief overview of the gospel of God's grace in Christ Jesus, beginning with a presentation outline of the gospel for use in evangelism. 

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Both PUSHPA UNVEILED and WOLF HUNT by Lorri Frandsen are available as free ebooks at:


Download a copy for free and enjoy the stories.  

 Pushpa, a feisty little girl from a tribal village in Odisha, India, is taken to the city of Kolkata where she is forced to learn the art of street survival. Through a series of misadventures, she eventually finds herself at the mercy of pimps and panderers who plan to exploit her in the sex trade of Sonagachi, a notorious brothel area in the city. However Pushpa is no ordinary girl and the forces of darkness are no match for her indomitable will and courage. This story is interlaced with factual information on the culture of India and the plight of children caught in the trafficking trade. The message is one of hope and victory. 





Adam Jayaram never in his wildest dreams thought he'd end up as a pimp and drug dealer while working for a mafia don in Kolkata, India. An idea like that would at one time have seemed completely demented, especially considering his Christian upbringing and his morally upright family. Yet his destiny has led him straight to the brothels of Sonagachi, trapping him in a lifestyle that he finds both repugnant and yet seductive at the same time. Working as a goonda certainly isn't the ideal job opportunity, and it entails becoming the predator that his street name 'Wolf' suggests, but then again the money's good and he gets respect. Besides, he's got enemies who want him dead and his 'career' as a thug provides some safety. Survival is uppermost on Adam's mind and he's learned some pretty impressive street skills along the way....if only he could evade the biggest threat of all...

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