Grace Life Ministries is a Canadian registered non-profit charitable organization committed to bringing aid to the poor and oppressed of India. We seek to empower and equip, providing tools and resources that will promote self-sufficiency and improvement of lifestyle in both rural and urban communities.
Our main areas of operation are Andhra Pradesh where we provide child sponsorship of high risk children from the tenements, and Odisha where we work with tribal communities to bring development that will prosper communities. We also work with women, providing them with micro-credit loans and cottage industry skills. Our projects involve the raising of funds through sponsorship and donations for such things as bore wells, daycare centers, medical aid, etc.


Latest project

We are in the process of community development in the state of Odisha. Our project involves building a tube well in a small tribal village, including a community center and medical clinic. We have trained leaders in Singapore where they were taught advanced agricultural methods, and hydroponics. The leaders will teach the villagers these methods, thus enabling them to multiply their crops and increase their standard of living. 

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